Healthcare Identity Management

Identity management is a practice that permeates through many industries. After all, in our technological age, an average employee at almost any organization needs to access a computer using a set of personal credentials. Healthcare identity management, for example, is extremely critical, and for good reason. Let’s see why.

Healthcare: Under Constant Attack

Identity management, when performed at the highest standard, is a considerable preventative measure for keeping an organization’s critical data, be it their own or that of their customers, safe. Healthcare organizations are among the top stores of critical personal information, with everything from medical records (obviously) to insurance, credit cards, and social security information on hand as well. So, it’s no surprise that healthcare organizations are also among the top targets for hackers, and are almost constantly under attack by bad actors. Here’s a brief overview on recent healthcare identity security breaches.

Recent Healthcare Breaches

These are the top 10 healthcare breaches of 2019, as of the beginning of August, reported by Health IT Security

  1. American Medical Collection Agency, 25M Patients
  2. Dominion National, 2.96M Patients
  3. Inmediata Health Group, 1.5M Patients
  4. University of Washington Medicine, 973K Patients
  5. Oregon Department of Human Services, 645K Patients
  6. Wolverine Solutions Group, 600K Patients
  7. Columbia Surgical Specialist of Spokane, 400K Patients
  8. UConn Health, 326K Patients
  9. Navicent Health, 278K Patients
  10. ZOLL Services, 277K Patients

Health IT Security also found that, over the same period that the incidents above occurred, there were a total of 285 healthcare breaches, resulting in the compromise of over 31M people’s critical information. While the attack vectors of said breaches varied, 88% were attributed to some form of hacking, while 88 instances were directly caused by phishing. There’s no doubt that many were the result of laptop theft as well.

The Identity Management Cure

Identity management is an excellent safeguard against the onslaught of attacks against healthcare. In fact, one of the core healthcare compliance regulations, HIPAA, requires identity management as one of its main standards.

While there are many facets to identity management, there are several key steps organizations can take towards protecting their (Read more...)

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