CySA+: Increasing the organization’s credibility


Hiring information security professionals with the right credentials is a priority for most all organizations these days. With all that can go wrong, from cyberattacks to insider threats, organizations have a strong interest in stamping out these potential threats to their business. 

Hiring information security professionals that hold a CySA+ certification is a move that will shift the power to the hands of the organization regarding these challenges and will go one step further — it will increase the organization’s credibility. 

This article will detail how the CySA+ certification will increase an organization’s credibility, from serving as a verification of elevated cybersecurity skills to demonstrating that the organization is going the extra mile to prove it’s worth to anyone watching. 

Please note that this author is in no way affiliated with CompTIA. We are offering this article as neutral analysis of CySA+’s ability to raise organization credibility. 

What is CySA+?

To help understand how CompTIA’s Cyber Security Analyst certification (CySA+) can increase an organization’s credibility, you need understand CySA+. This certification verifies that the holder can proficiently apply behavior analytics to detect, prevent and combat cybersecurity threats to organization networks and devices. CySA+ also certifies that holders can proficiently configure and use threat detection tools and use penetration testing to better understand the organization’s environment.

Increasing an organization’s credibility

Everyone wants to be, or at least appear to be, as credible as possible — from the “little guy” to major organizations. With credibility comes trust and loyalty, which are appealing universally. 

The CySA+ certification will help increase an organization’s credibility in different ways. Below are the reasons why simply having a CySA+ certification holder around can make this happen.


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