Alleviating Digital Transformation Performance and Security Concerns

Businesses across the world are migrating applications to the cloud to reduce IT cost and complexity, and accelerate the pace of innovation. But when you move applications and services to the cloud you lose visibility and control over your infrastructure, increasing risk and uncertainty. That’s why leading companies like Capital Group turn to Akamai to accelerate web performance, boost cloud security and improve digital transformation outcomes.


I had the opportunity to speak with Capital Group AVP Gerry Taylor at Akamai Edge World 2019 and learn about his company’s cloud journey. Over the past several years Capital Group has transitioned a number of customer-facing and internal applications to AWS. In our conversation Gerry explained how Akamai helps the global financial services firm take full advantage of public cloud economics and agility without compromising security or user experiences.

Gerry described how Capital Group uses a variety of Akamai solutions to provide fast performance and robust protection for the firm’s mobile apps and web-based services, including:

To learn more about how Akamai helps Capital Group accelerate web performance, strengthen cloud security and improve digital experiences, please watch my entire interview with Gerry on AkamaiTV.

Tara Bartley is a senior marketing manager for Akamai’s Media & Carrier business.

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