We Don’t Take Vendor Pitches

This site has been online for more than a couple decades now. I removed all advertising from the site a couple years ago to maintain as impartial of an approach as I can. I’ve always taken pride in the fact that we don’t shill vendor products or take pitches at face value. So much so that we even have a warning on our contact page that says “We would love to hear from you!

But, if this is a product pitch…go away. Seriously, it won’t end well for you.”

Which may or may not have resulted in people receiving zip files that result a plethora of decompressed junk data chewing up hard drives. Not saying it has happened…but, not saying it hasn’t either.

Then I checked in the queue today and saw this…


You often talk about privacy & cybersecurity, our research showing that one-third of the top VPNs are actually Chinese-owned should be interesting to your readers…”

Seriously? First off leading with this sort of fear uncertainty and doubt will do little to endear you to us. Further more, this person apparently could not read the aforementioned warning. I had contemplated sending a nasty note back but, why bother? They obviously won’t learn.

Then I contemplated naming them but, that would only serve to raise awareness of said company and I’m not going to allow them that. If you ever want to discuss and idea or a concept that we can write about I’m willing to listen. But, I’ll be painfully blunt when I say that I will not promote your product or service.

Please respect that simple request and avoid causing me to want to sent you nasty emails with party favours. We can all get along but, it starts with reading comprehension.

Image: Copyright: fizzgig / 123RF Stock Photo

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