CySA+ salary and job data


The cybersecurity analyst (CSA) talent shortage is being felt around the world, with thousands of positions going unfilled. Many organizations need to find, hire and retain such professionals and are even training members of the staff to fulfill these all-important roles. 

CSAs have a knack for vulnerability discovery and exploits. They are able to analyze security logs and gather info to decide if a particular security event or incident needs further investigation and are able to advise on planning and prepare against attacks, breaches and any malicious attempts at compromising the company’s data. To be in such a role, one must have proven skills and abilities as an analytical problem-solver and even some creativity — in addition, of course, to information systems and network knowledge.

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CSA positions are currently so enticing that many professionals with computer science degrees are retraining and pursuing professional certifications that can take their career (and income) to the next level. The CySA+ cert offered by CompTIA is a way to be certified in the field and become proficient in the required duties. Becoming a qualified CSA can open a number of doors both professionally and financially.

Salary info for a cybersecurity analyst (aka information security analyst)

Today, as a cybersecurity or information security analyst, you will enjoy a respectable salary and a particularly rapid job growth. In fact, employment projections by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Occupational Outlook Handbook for the period between 2016-2026 show that this is amongst the top occupations, with the highest percent change (28.5%). Professionals are also earning one of the highest median annual incomes ($98,350 per year or approximately $47.28 per hour, as of May 2018). They can also enjoy an above-average rate of upward mobility for this occupation, as recently shown by (Read more...)

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