What happens when your CISO has one of those days?

A CISO having a bad day finds out the hard way that cutting corners on software security testing might end up costing him more than he saved.

Software security for CISOs: How not to have a bad day

Have you ever had one of those days? Not just a waking-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed morning, but one of those soul-sucking, I-hope-the-earth-swallows-me-alive days?

Meet Alex, the CISO (chief information security officer) at a mobile app startup FilmFestFun. Alex is having a very bad day. In the run-up to his company launching their new app, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong—and then some.

The train’s late. The build keeps failing. The pen tester finds hundreds of bugs. Alex tries explaining to CEO Kayla that releasing an app with critical vulnerabilities is a very bad move. But she’s not having any of it. FilmFestFun has already spent millions on that night’s launch party, and she wants the app now.

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How CISOs can make every day a great day with software security

Alex’s very bad day could have been a very good day—if only FilmFestFun had used the right software security tools and methodologies.

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