Securing Technology Innovators’ Web Layer Assets

Move Fast Without Breaking Things

For the last fifteen years, Facebook’s motto “Move Fast and Break Things” has been the mantra of technology companies looking to replicate the magic coming out of Silicon Valley and other startup hubs. The idea was that any mistakes or roadblocks during product development would be outweighed by the results of better ideas going to market as soon as possible.

While some companies like Uber and Airbnb succeeded with spectacular results, it only takes a quick “failed startup” Google search to see the many examples of companies that moved too fast and broke too many things.

Fortunately, this gospel has died down as Facebook change their motto to “Move Fast With Stable Infra”: they recognized that a company’s core infrastructure—from the codebase to the application to the network—is the backbone for great products and services that customers love.

Since 2014, Signal Sciences has provided technology companies with effective application security and Layer 7 defense coverage that moves at the speed of innovation. We empower development, security, and operations teams to work closer together on protecting their web apps and APIs, without impacting their workflows.

Let’s take a look at three companies—Cybrary, Chef, and Axon—that are using Signal Sciences to move fast…without breaking things!

Providing Complete Coverage for Security Industry Professionals

Cybrary is an online training and career development platform preparing the next generation of IT and cybersecurity professionals. With a wide range of web-based training content to protect, Cybrary’s two-person infrastructure team was tackling issues their legacy WAF could not address.

The legacy WAF proved extremely difficult for the Cybrary team to configure and debug issues without investing significant time and resources. It also provided incomplete attack coverage and blocked valid requests, with no real-time visibility, alerting, or functional dashboard to monitor activity over time.

Cybrary chose to replace their legacy WAF with Signal Sciences for the ease of use, performance, and availability of features and integrations required by the infrastructure team.

“We deployed Signal Sciences behind our current WAF, and over one weekend we saw it block attacks our WAF was missing. The dashboards allowed us to easily see and track malicious activity in a way we couldn’t with our old WAF.”

—Jonathan Meyers, Principal Infrastructure Engineer at Cybrary

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Web Security at the Speed of DevOps for Chef

Chef, the leader in Continuous Automation software, needed a security solution that could enable them to identify and solve security issues in the same way they were already able to respond to operational issues.

With Signal Sciences, Chef found automated web app security that surfaces real-time attacks in their DevOps toolchain, all while blocking malicious traffic. They were able to reduce the number of false positives without impacting performance or latency on their applications. Furthermore, our dashboards surfaced the most important real-time attacks and anomalies and made this information accessible to the entire organization.

“Signal Sciences enables us to continue forward on our larger business initiatives—without using my engineering pipeline to leverage security. We have confidence to continue moving forward as fast as we can because we now have the same awareness on the security of our applications as we have always had on operational performance. ”

—Ben Rockwood, Director of Engineering at Chef

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Real-Time Web Application Visibility and Defense for Axon

Since its founding in 1993, Axon (formerly TASER International) has been at the forefront of innovation in public safety technology.’s advanced evidence management system required an equally advanced web application security approach. Unfortunately, traditional WAFs weren’t compatible with Axon’s modern architecture and couldn’t be effectively deployed in production blocking mode.

AXON replaced their homegrown WAF solution with Signal Sciences. The combination of Signal Sciences’ ease of install that both product and security teams could support, along with true security visibility into attack signals that didn’t require configuration or tuning, allowed AXON to achieve its goals of application protection without compromise

“Signal Sciences is easy for our DevOps team to support, which allows us to focus on the security capabilities it provides, rather than fighting with basic operational issues.” 

—Jenner Holden, VP of Information Security at AXON

Read the Axon Case Study

Protect Technology Applications with Signal Sciences

Maintaining your position as an industry leader in today’s environment means iterating at the speed of development…and breaking as few things as possible! As DevOps continues to grow in popularity, companies are looking for the solutions that fit within their framework without slowing them down. Cybrary, Chef, and Axon are just a few of the many companies that choose Signal Sciences to ensure their applications are safe, no matter how fast they’re moving to innovate.

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