PolarProxy Released

I’m very proud to announce the release of
PolarProxy today!
PolarProxy is a transparent TLS proxy that decrypts and re-encrypts TLS traffic
while also generating a PCAP file containing the decrypted traffic.

PolarProxy flow chart

PolarProxy enables you to do lots of things that have previously been impossible,
or at least very complex, such as:

  • Analyzing HTTP/2 traffic without an SSLKEYLOGFILE
  • Viewing decrypted HTTPS traffic in real-time using Wireshark

    PolarProxy -p 10443,80,443 -w – | wireshark -i – -k
  • Replaying decrypted traffic to an internal or external interface using

    PolarProxy -p 10443,80,443 -w – | tcpreplay -i eth1 –
  • Forwarding of decrypted traffic to a NIDS (see tcpreplay command above)
  • Extracting DNS queries and replies from
    DNS-over-TLS (DoT) or
    DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) traffic

    PolarProxy -p 853,53 -p 443,80
  • Extracting email traffic from SMTPS, POP3S or IMAPS

    PolarProxy -p 465,25 -p 995,110 -p 993,143

Here is an example PCAP file generated by PolarProxy:

This capture files contains HTTP, WebSocket and HTTP/2 packets to Mozilla, Google and Twitter
that would otherwise have been encrypted with TLS.

 HTTP/2 traffic from PolarProxy opened in Wireshark
Image: HTTP/2 traffic from PolarProxy opened in Wireshark

Now, head over to our PolarProxy page
and try it for yourself (it’s free)!

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