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Resumes are the window that organizations use to see what candidates have to offer and are used to filter all who interview for job positions. You can also think of resumes as the face of your career up to this point: it should show an organization what you can do for them from just a quick glance. 

When you are applying for penetration tester (pentester) roles, do you know what to include in your resume? This article will explore what to include in your resume and tips for how to improve it in order to give you a leg up over the competition. Interesting jobs like this often require a specialized resume to help seal the deal — so sit back, relax and let this article be your guide.

Penetration tester

The role of pentester is often an essential part of security teams, and pentesters can make or break an organization’s information security defenses. They fill these big shoes by testers using an array of ethical hacking, general hacking knowledge and other information security skills to test computers, information systems, networks, and IT systems for exploitable vulnerabilities that attackers can take advantage of. 

After zeroing in on these vulnerabilities, pentesters simulate real-life cyberattacks with a variety of tools and methods. The aim of all of this is to find potential weaknesses and to resolve or strengthen them before attackers have their way with them.

Resume tips

Pentester resumes need to be role-focused and should highlight the relevant experience and skills you have that will make you a valuable member of a security team or stand-alone pentester professional. 

Don’t be alarmed when you realize that your educational experience takes more of a back seat in your pentester resume. Unless you have taken specialized courses when earning your (Read more...)

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