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Is an online Active Directory® solution the next generation in identity management? As just about every type of software and management solution moves to the cloud, the question is: “Why hasn’t Microsoft® Active Directory or identity management in general moved to the cloud also?” In this blog post, we’ll discuss the limitations of an online Active Directory solution, and the alternatives to Active Directory for cloud implementation.

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Active Directory’s Origin

Active Directory

Active Directory was created in the client / server era when the Internet / web was just emerging. At the time, Windows® was the dominant platform and virtually all IT resources were on-prem. The IT environment was tightly managed by IT, and as a result implementing management solutions like Active Directory made a great deal of sense. IT would have more control, and users would get easier access to the IT resources they needed.

Any Windows-based applications, file servers, systems, and other IT resources could be easily managed and connected with Active Directory. The benefits to IT were tremendous, including the ability to provision, deprovision, and modify user access, secure identities and force stronger passwords, and create a central point of information for logging and compliance. In fact, AD’s benefits were so compelling that it quickly became the de facto standard and the market share leader.

IT Needs Changed; Active Directory Didn’t

As the world started to change in IT though, the downstream consequences started to appear. Many IT organizations started to make the shift to the cloud with their web applications and server infrastructure. Solutions such as Salesforce™ and AWS® became poster children for the move to modern IT resources. Windows devices started to be replaced by Mac and Linux systems. Mobile phones and tablets started to be ubiquitous. All of these changes created havoc on the management tools that IT needed to control and secure the IT network, and AD couldn’t keep up.

One of the most critical systems in an organization is its identity management platform or namely, Active Directory. As the IT network changed, AD was under more pressure. It needed (Read more...)

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