North Dakota’s New Cyber Vision

As data breaches and ransomware headlines become commonplace, what can state and local governments, universities, community colleges, K-20 schools and others in the public sector do to change the cybersecurity paradigm?

To answer that question, many government (and private sector) leaders are looking north – to North Dakota.

As Government Technology Magazine reported back in mid-April:

“The North Dakota legislation authorizing a new unified approach to cybersecurity was signed into law Thursday by Gov. Doug Burgum.

The governor, a former Microsoft executive, said Senate Bill 2110 would go far toward protecting the state’s digital infrastructure.

‘This important investment in 21st-century critical infrastructure recognizes the increasingly digital world in which we live and the growing nature of cybersecurity threats,’ said Burgum. ‘A unified approach to cybersecurity strengthens our ability to protect the state network’s 252,000 daily users and more than 400 entities from cyberattacks.’” 

Introducing North Dakota CISO Sean Wiese

Leading this northern cyberdefense charge is Sean Wiese, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Director within the North Dakota Information Technology Department (ITD) since March 2016.

Mr. Wiese has a wide breadth of experiences in technology and security, and holds CRISC and CISSP professional certifications. Prior to becoming the North Dakota CISO, Sean was an Information Technology Manager or the North Dakota Newspaper Association from 1998-2002, an Information Security Analysts for ITD from 2002-2005, an Information Security Officer for NISC from 2005 to 2015 and a Senior Information Security Engineer for Kadrmas Lee & Jackson from 2015-2016.

I have spoken with Mr. Wiese several times over the past few years, and his passion for security, cyber expertise and belief in what North Dakota is doing come across clearly.  He offers a compelling vision that flows down from Governor Burgum and Chief Information Officer (CIO) Shawn Riley. Both Mr. Wiese (Read more...)

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