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How to Eliminate Security Vulnerabilities of IoT Devices

IoT devices present significant security challenges. A new joint solution from CSPi and Seceon now delivers a better way to solve these commercial IoT security vulnerabilities, and even gives MSSPs an edge over the competition with a powerful, differentiated MDR and Rapid Investigative Response solution.

Gartner estimates that by 2020, more than 25% of cyberattacks will involve commercial IoT devices.

Unfortunately,  traditional security tools and approaches such as endpoint detection and response (EDR) applications can’t be deployed on IoT devices since they are usually limited by processing power or memory—or may be completely closed by the vendor.

Yet the trend of IoT and even “Bring Your Own IoT” (resulting in devices unknown to IT) must be identified, and then policies must be established to determine what applications, systems, and devices they can communicate with. Finally, if an attack does occur, it must be contained so no harm comes to the rest of the organization.

There can be significant consequences to a hacked IoT device:

  • Successful attacks against a power grid could cripple an entire city.  
  • Attacks against a medical wearable, such as a pacemaker, could mean life or death.

A new IoT security solution

CSPi and Seceon have partnered to develop a joint solution to overcome these security vulnerabilities presented by IoT devices. By combining CSPi’s ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence solution with Seceon’s industry-leading aiSIEM solution, this joint solution now provides incredibly powerful IoT security.

For example, the ARIA SDS solution deploys transparently in the network and allows all IoT devices to be detected and monitored by looking through the network data as it flows through each device. ARIA SDS successfully classifies this data on the fly without impacting its delivery to allow monitoring of various IoT devices in network aggregation points that are usually one step back in the wireline network.

On the Seceon side, its aiSIEM is one of the industry’s leading solutions for detecting and stopping threats. It takes the data fed by a variety of devices and applications, as well as NetFlow data, and runs it all through extensive threat models to detect threats of all kinds. Then, aiSIEM directs ARIA SDS through a simple API integration to stop threats while allowing critical applications and devices to continue to operate.

New high-value service to differentiate MSSPs  

Additionally, the combination of the aiSIEM/aiMSSP and the ARIA SDS solution gives both enterprises and managed security service providers (MSSPs) a powerful new managed detection and response (MDR) solution capable of stopping more threats within the network. This gives MSSPs valuable new service offerings, so they can better serve their clients—and stand apart from the competition.

Interested in learning more about Internet of Things security, including how this new joint solution overcomes IoT security vulnerabilities while maximizing performance? Download our new white paper, “Advances in IoT CyberSecurity” now.

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