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CASB+ Stops Data Leaks Via Email for Office 365 and G Suite

The head of a US government agency responsible for data privacy regulation recently shared some shocking news. Email, which had been the fourth most-breached surface, surged into first place in 2018. It’s now the locus of more losses than network servers, portable devices, laptops, or physical theft. That email remains a significant threat shouldn’t be surprising: Verizon’s 2018 breach report bluntly states that “Email continues to be the most common [threat] vector.” [Sigh]

That’s why we’ve extended CipherCloud’s zero-trust CASB+ solution to protect email on Office 365 and G Suite. Now, a single policy framework secures everything from Sharepoint to Outlook and from GDrive to GMail (as well as all your other cloud applications). We focus on data protection so you can collaborate securely, manage insider and 3rd party risks, and show outside attackers the door.

CASB+ integrates with identity and mobile security solutions, evaluates user/device context for risk, spots anomalous behaviors, and enforces dynamic rights management (automatically encrypting data when necessary). It examines structured and unstructured content using customizable templates to spot sensitive information. The same policies, identities, mobile device management tools, templates, and management interfaces you use to protect your cloud data extend directly to Office 365 and G Suite email.

But wait, you say, aren’t Microsoft and Google already the best in the business at stopping spam and finding phishers? It’s true, they are – but we’re tackling the problem from a completely different direction. Other solutions focus on the break in. CipherCloud focuses on the getaway.

Allow me to explain. Your users send thousands of emails each day. Most of them are routine. A few of them contain sensitive information bound for authorized recipients. But a handful – whether they’re on their way to an attacker in Azerbaijan or an officemate who isn’t authorized – could land you on the HIPAA Wall of Shame (or wherever your own nightmares take you after news of a big data breach disturbs your sleep).

Traditional email security focuses on keeping the bad guys away from your users – in other words, preventing break-ins. That’s a noble – and vitally important – goal. But it’s clear a few of those Nigerian Prince emails are still slipping through. Break-ins will happen.

We focus on the getaway by continuously analyzing the risk of each email to ensure sensitive data isn’t leaked. It’s a transparent experience for your users and a powerful defense against data loss. Should that faked email from the “CEO” get in, CipherCloud will make sure the HR head’s reply – with the salary spreadsheet attached – won’t get out.

CipherCloud’s great at stopping the getaway. If you’re an Office 365 or G Suite user, you owe it to yourself to see what CipherCloud can do for your data security strategy.

To hear more about how CASB+ can protect your data – across any channel, including email, join us for a webinar on June 26th.

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