What’s Cheaper than Active Directory®?

What’s Cheaper than Active Directory®

Due to clever licensing and packaging, many in the IT industry believe that Microsoft®Active Directory® (AD) is free. If Active Directory is free, is there really an option that’s cheaper than Active Directory? Let’s face it. You can’t get cheaper than free, right?

Well, the truth is that Active Directory is far from free. When you factor in the required hardware, licenses, and the overhead it takes to run AD, it can be surprising how much you have to budget for Active Directory. The good news is cheaper alternatives to Active Directory do exist. But, before we discuss alternatives, let’s reveal the hidden costs in using AD. Then we’ll explore a more cost effective alternative.

Free Active Directory is Part of Microsoft’s Licensing

Many IT admins believe that AD is free because Microsoft includes Active Directory when you buy a Windows® Server license. This makes it feel like you’re getting two components for the price of one. However, you need more than just a Windows Server license to get the most out of this setup.

You also need to buy enough client access licenses (CALs) so that every employee can access resources on the Windows Server, including AD. If you plan to use Window Server for a variety of other functions, this seems like a great deal.

Of course, even better deals can be had by leveraging the built-in savings that come with Microsoft’s Enterprise Licensing Agreements (ELA). But, even with the built-in savings, you will still end up spending a pretty penny. For example, one of our customers used to spend $100K just on Windows Server licenses. The thing is, this is just part of the price in using Active Directory. Let’s take a look at a few of the hidden costs.

Hidden Costs of AD

First, it costs money to implement and run Active Directory effectively. Not only do you have to factor in the purchase of hardware, but you also have to account for future upgrades, overhead costs like space and energy, and the time it takes your IT admins to maintain all (Read more...)

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