Upcoming Vulnerability Management Research

Given the long lead times for Vendor Briefings, here is our pre-announcement. Short summary: vulnerability management research is coming! Again!

Our AAA all-star team (that is Augusto, Anna and me) are going to refresh some of our vulnerability management documents and write one new document.

Here is what we have in mind for 2019:

  1. “A Guidance Framework for Developing and Implementing Vulnerability Management”, our epic treatise on how to VM, is going to be refreshed and perhaps a bit shortened (now at 39 pages). Sadly, we will have to throw in more stuff on remediation and patching since people keep asking about it.
  2. “A Comparison of Vulnerability and Security Configuration Assessment Solutions” will be recast into a new document type (Gartner GTP Solution Comparison) and of course refreshed. Yes, people still call us with questions about vulnerability scanner choice…
  3. A new document focused on vulnerability management in modern IT such as DevOps, containers, public cloud and such (scope is still being beaten down, it is still fuzzy…).



  • If you are a vendor, READ THIS before scheduling a briefing! in fact, just read it no matter what….
  • After you read the above, and if you are still a vendor related to vulnerability management, please schedule a briefing with 1, 2 or all 3 of us; we can tell you what we want to hear later….
  • If you are not a related vendor, but you have a fun story related to vulnerability assessment and/or vulnerability management, we are all ears. For example, do you have a lot of scanner “false positives”? Share with us!

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