Top 7 Tools and Tips for Improving Your DevOps Pipeline

Nearly two decades after the turn of the millennium, software has an impact on nearly all aspects of our lives. We use apps for learning, finding love, commerce, entertainment, and pretty much every other part of how we go about the world. Driving this steady stream of software is the DevOps pipeline of the modern DevOps software development environment that blends the power of automation and cross-team collaboration for a faster and smoother path to the constant release of hot off the presses versions of our favorite applications.

Despite the success of DevOps in reaching the mainstream lingo in the software industry, the details of its process, including the continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery/continuous deployment (CD) pipeline are often not well defined.

In hopes of closing this gap, we’ve decided to break down the basic elements of the DevOps pipeline, explaining the technologies and concepts powering it, and lay out some of the top tools that software development professionals depend on for pushing their products through their DevOps pipeline.

Defining the DevOps Pipeline

The DevOps methodology has risen to become the standard development practice in recent years, helping organizations push out higher quality software faster. The principle behind the DevOps pipeline can be summed up as write code, run it through the wringer of testing, get feedback, fix what isn’t working, push it out for deployment, monitor it in the wild, and repeat.

If this sounds like your standard operating procedure for software development, then you’re right with one significant exception: shifting left.

The DevOps model is based on the idea of test early and often, pushing code and testing on short cycles to receive actionable feedback that allows developers to fix issues early before they become harder (Read more...)

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