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Mac Policy Management for Modern Networks

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Is there a Mac® policy management solution available? More specifically, is there a Mac policy management system for macOS® systems that is similar to GPOs (Group Policy Objects) for Windows® systems in Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD) environments?

The short answer is, yes, the JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® platform offers cross-platform GPO-like Policies for Windows, macOS, and Linux®. How does Mac policy management with JumpCloud compare to Active Directory GPOs for Windows? Let’s take a closer look at policy management for computer systems below.

System Policies: What’s the Big Deal?

System policies control how a given workstation will operate in a particular environment. For example, if you consider a laptop, system policies can be used to determine how much time will elapse before the display automatically locks, if the USB ports are functional, and whether or not full disk encryption (FDE) is enabled.

Essentially, policies enable admins to customize the settings for the systems in their environment in order to meet organizational requirements. Yet, while configuring policies for one system can be done locally and with relative ease, the challenge arises when admins have cross-platform fleets of systems spanning multiple locations—all of which need to have system policies configured to meet company standards.

How Policy Management Traditionally Works

Historically, IT admins have leveraged the Microsoft Active Directory platform to provide policy management capabilities for Windows systems. AD enables admins to configure policies for groups of Windows systems at once. They can also manage them remotely from one centralized location. This is achievable through the use of what Microsoft calls Group Policy Objects, or GPOs for short.

GPOs are prescribed commands and scripts that are used to configure Windows system policies. One of the most powerful functions of the AD platform, GPOs have served IT admins in Windows-based environments for years. The challenge with GPOs in traditional AD environments is that Microsoft’s Group Policy functionality is primarily for Windows-based systems.

So, how do you manage system policies for Mac?

How to Set and Manage Policies on Mac

In the past, IT admins have had a few approaches to Mac policy management.

Manual Mac Management

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