Don’t Let Your Security Operations Team Suffer Alert Fatigue! 

Bitdefender IntelliTriage, the new Network Traffic Security Analytics (NTSA) module, enables security operations to: 

  • Reduce security incident investigation and response time 
  • Focus efforts only on threats that represent a risk to the organization 
  • Lower the skill and resource requirements for threat hunting 

Bitdefender Network Traffic Security Analytics is built to help businesses detect advanced threats and cyber breaches by analyzing network traffic. It lets security operations quickly detect and fight sophisticated threats without getting overwhelmed by security alertsThe new IntelliTriage module helps triage security incidents faster by automatically correlating security incidents and recommending steps for resolution.  

Save time 

It’s a known fact that clues for cyber-attacks lie hidden in piles of security alerts. Reading dozens or hundreds of alerts to get the full picture of a security incident can be a daunting task for any security analyst. IntelliTriage automatically correlates hundreds of security alerts to create a clear picture of each incident and provides detailed explanations for the incident severity score. It saves precious time for security analysts and accelerates incident investigation. 

Focus on the important 

Most security alerts bring little value for the overall security posture of the organization. Alert fatigue plagues security operations and keeps security analysts from focusing on true threats to the organization. With IntelliTriage, NTSA enables complex scenario-based learning to detect advanced attacks with high accuracy. This is possible through a combination of machine learning, behavioral analytics and insights from Bitdefender cloud threat intelligence. With a focus on high-fidelity alerts, the effectiveness of security operation efforts improves dramatically. 

Guided incidents response 

In the heat of action, even experienced staff is prone to mistakes. IntelliTriage introduces guided response to NTSA, helping security operations take all the appropriate actions and swiftly respond to security incidents. Step-by-step recommendations will lead the security analyst through further deep investigation and threat hunting or, will guide actions for containment, remediation and restoration. Quick and effective incident response can reduce or even eliminate serious business impact.

For more insight on IntelliTriage, visit Bitdefender NTSA webpage or check our new datasheet!

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