Why Small Businesses Should Leverage the Cloud

small business and the cloud

Everyone loves an underdog. In the business world, startups and other small businesses are certainly the underdog (see #40-51). As such, small businesses are looking for every advantage they can get. That’s never easy when their (usually) larger competitors have deeper pockets, stronger brands, and more resources. But, that doesn’t stop small businesses from finding innovative ways to compete. One such innovation is leveraging the cloud.

Technology has historically been the domain of large enterprises because of the level of investment required, but with the cloud, small businesses have been shifting the equation. This article discusses why small businesses should leverage the cloud and turn the tables on their slow-moving, larger competitors.

The Advent of the Cloud

There’s no doubt that the Internet and cloud have been a great equalizer. With the Internet, small businesses all over the world are able to sell to a global set of consumers without the need for deep distribution that large enterprises have used to their advantage. Further, the aggressive use of cloud and web technology is changing the cost equation and economic model for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).

While large enterprises have been paralyzed because of concerns over cloud security and internal struggles for control over cloud resources (i.e. shadow IT), small businesses have the opportunity to jump in with both feet and take advantage of the benefits of cloud transformation. Here are some reasons why small businesses should leverage the cloud.

Why Small Businesses Should Leverage the Cloud


The cloud and web applications are making it easier than ever for SMB owners to put virtually all of their resources and dollars into areas of their business that generate revenue and profit. In fact, many small businesses don’t even need to manage their own IT infrastructure and are leveraging MSPs. Small businesses don’t have extra resources or time to waste, and the cloud can help them focus all of their resources on what matters most.


Web applications and cloud infrastructure have dramatically changed the equation for end users. New innovations are making it easier for them to (Read more...)

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