The Results for 2019 are in: Here are the Key Takeaways from Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey

With the publication of the annual Stack Overflow Developer Survey earlier this month, the developer community has gained important insights into how the community gets work done. The survey dug into which tools developers are using the most, the industries they work in, and most intriguing, how they got to the position they are in. Each year the survey’s results present interesting takeaways which provide a glimpse into the mindset of your developers.

This year, the survey polled more than 90,000 developers around the world who weighed in to form a global opinion on the most used and loved programming languages, frameworks, databases. Interestingly, there was also a focus on how active they are in contributing to open source projects.

Hoping to gain some useful insights on industry trends, we dove into the data. Here are the tidbits that we found to be the most fascinating.

Javascript Reigns as King, Python is on the Rise

Maintaining its spot on top JavaScript was again named the most used programming language by developers. For those not already using it, JavaScript ranked second in the list of languages that developers want to learn the most.

Python is now the fastest growing programming language, taking the number one spot as the language that developers most want to learn. It ranked as the fourth most used language, narrowly surpassing Java. Python also ranked as the second most loved language after Rust. It has become the main language taught in university and coding schools and used frequently in data science and machine learning.

Visual Studio Code: The Most Popular IDE

Developed by our friends at Microsoft, Visual Studio Code was built with many features that make it the top tool for developers. Their main features include support (Read more...)

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