Real-Time Dashboards in the Siemplify Security Operations Platform: The Importance of Feedback

If anyone has ever played a sport you know the importance of feedback.

Whether striking out at the plate, dropping a pass, or slicing your tee shot out of bounds, understanding what happened is critical to improving your game in the future. The same can be said for securing your business. Far too often security teams, for no fault of their own, are so busy putting out the day’s new fires that there is little to no time to reflect on how they performed last month, last week, or even yesterday. It makes sense, keeping the business secure is the primary function of any security team, however, because of the de-emphasis on reviewing performance, security teams may never see that their processes while getting the job done, could be improved dramatically with a tweak here and there.

To help SOC analysts and SOC managers make better, data-informed decisions the Siemplify Security Operations Platform tracks all SOC activities in customizable dashboards, capturing real-time critical statistics from alerts flowing into the SOC to case closure rates and everything in between. This rich data not only helps the platform learn (see upcoming machine learning blog) but also provides SOC managers unprecedented visibility into every analyst, every alert, and every case at any point. No heavy lifting required. In this short video see how these dashboards, and the underlying data, can make your life a lot easier.

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