NICE inContact Interactions 2019 in Review

PCI Pal was thrilled to be part of the 3,000+ individuals taking part in NICE inContact Interactions this past week in Las Vegas, NV. As a partner and silver sponsor of the event, we had a front row seat to the sessions, interactions, and conversations taking place. The theme of “Personal. Connections. Elevated.” was at the forefront of these discussions.


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Barak Eilam, CEO at NICE, walked through the Experience Revolution, taking a look at reinventing the way that companies interact with customers. With analytics and cloud being key parts of advancing the customer experience, he dove deeper into the Experience Divide. Eilam noted that the Experience Divide is created when you have organisations that experience extreme accelerations to the point that other challengers begin to give up pursuing a common goal. The organisations that are quick to adopt, advance, innovate, and implement are ones that will increase and conquer the Experience Divide. The four essentials to leading the race are:

  1. Become Hyper-Personal
  2. Provide Experience Completeness
  3. Develop Digital Workforce
  4. Out-innovate

Those organisations that can work from a standardized platform within the cloud experience greater agility, a cohesive architecture, and can build upon this for greater analytics and customer engagement. NICE inContact, as a provider of that cohesive solution, believes that Partnering is when they are at their best. The ability to provide connected systems and solutions created by experts in their respective areas allows them to deliver answers and solutions to organisations’ problems. As a partner, we’re proud to provide a piece of that puzzle with a focus on PCI compliance within the contact centre.


Hosting a session of our own at NICE inContact Interactions, we discussed how we assist specific verticals identify a solution for problems of scalability, efficiency, and compliance within the contact centre. During conversations across the event, we found that a common question asked was how to reach PCI DSS compliance while not sacrificing the customer experience, the Compliance vs Experience Divide. We were happy to demo our solution to lessen this divide and would be happy to schedule one with you today as well. Simply reach out to us at [email protected].


Our team looks forward to returning to NICE inContact Interactions EMEA in London, June 3-5th and back in North America in 2020, and we hope to see you there!

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