MacOS Authentication Using G Suite Identities

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More organizations than ever are using G Suite™. In fact, Google announced that it finished 2018 with 5 million paying customers. When you combine that with the fact that G Suite for Education has upwards of 70 million users, it’s easy to see how extending G Suite credentials to a wider range of IT resources could be useful. After all, G Suite isn’t the only IT resource on modern IT networks. In fact, Mac® systems are commonly used with G Suite environments. Thus, IT admins are wondering how they can take advantage of macOS® authentication using G Suite™ identities.

A New Way of Thinking

For IT admins and organizations that are looking to leverage G Suite identities for authentication into macOS systems, that functionality is not available “out-of-the-box” so to speak from either Google or Apple®. But, if you were to leverage a complementary solution to G Suite, called Directory-as-a-Service®, your G Suite identities can end up actually be your universal identities.

An easy way to conceptualize this problem is to think of G Suite as the replacement for Microsoft® Exchange®, Windows® file server, and Office™. And then, Directory-as-a-Service becomes the replacement for Microsoft® Active Directory®. When you make this switch to the cloud and cloud resources with G Suite and JumpCloud, you ensure your employees have a single password for all of their IT resources via True Single Sign-On™. Plus, you and your users gain the agility to get work done on the fly and not be tied to on-prem, legacy implementations.

But, before we get too far into the possibilities enabled with the switch to G Suite and Directory-as-a-Service, let’s talk about some limitations of trying to perform this integration without JumpCloud. Or, you could skip ahead and sign up for a free account now and get to work integrating your new cloud directory with G Suite identities with the help of this support page. The choice is yours.

Why The Standalone G Suite Approach Falls Short

It’s important to realize that the era in which G (Read more...)

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