HyperLedger – WhiteSource’s Open Source Project of the Month for April 2019

Continuing our series of innovative and useful open source projects that you should know, we spoke this month with Hyperledger’s Director of Ecosystem to learn more about their project.

First released in December 2015 by the Linux Foundation under the Apache License 2.0, Hyperledger is an open source environment for analyzing, building, experimenting, and collaborating on the development of distributed ledger systems with blockchain technologies.

The main goal of the Hyperledger Project is to facilitate the collaboration between businesses, developers, and other enterprises in the field of distributed ledger technology.

Hyperledger focuses primarily on building distributed ledger solutions for permissioned blockchains and consortium networks. The project has gained a nice following among large tech and financial players as blockchain has received more attention in recent years.

According to Hyperledger’s Director of Ecosystem Marta Piekarska, “The idea of Hyperledger was our answer to the Bitcoin hype. It was our open source community asking what can we do with this phenomenon and how can it help businesses. What came out was a set of frameworks and tools that all focus on private or public permission blockchains.”

At its core, the Hyperledger Project is an umbrella project for modular open-source frameworks and tools for building and experimenting with blockchains.

“We don’t think that there is one ultimate answer to how businesses should work. There are many solutions to the same problems, and our community aims to develop that spectrum of base technologies for others to implement and use,” explains Piekarska on the variety of solutions that have emerged from their project.

With blockchain technology emerging as one of the cutting-edge innovations in today’s technology sector, it seemed only natural that an open-source ecosystem for enterprises was conceived.

Use Cases Working with Hyperledger

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