General availability of Swimlane 4.1

Swimlane engineering teams are proud to announce the general availability of Swimlane 4.1! It seems like yesterday we announced the release of version 4.0, but since then our engineering teams have been hard at work.

We are proud to announce that Swimlane 4.1 is a Linux feature parity to our Windows installations. That is no small feat!

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Swimlane is on Linux

With Swimlane 4.1, users can install Swimlane on Linux, with support for Docker and Kubernetes and configure the platform in a way that best suits their unique needs.

Swimlane is committed to promoting a collaborative, open-source DevSecOps space to remove silos and boost the security industry through information sharing. To accomplish this, deploying on top of Linux, which is an open-source operating system, is critical. We are extremely excited about our engineering team’s accomplishment. This is one of the reasons Swimlane is the best independent security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform in the marketplace.

With this release, we have also added additional security features, including new support for multi-factor authentication using Google two-factor authentication (2FA) personal access token support for RESTful APIs, and external SSL for MongoDB in Docker-Compose. In addition to adding in some new features, we made general enhancements to how Swimlane handles dates and times while also enabling users to set their local time zones.

Lastly, our engineering team worked tirelessly to increase end-to-end system performance and reduce the overall footprint of the Swimlane platform.

To upgrade to Swimlane 4.1, please reach out to our support or professional services teams.

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