FCC Fails To Mandate Signaling System 7 Remediation Effort: Nothing To See Here, Move Along


Andrea Peterson, writing for Ars Technica and the Project on Government Oversight, tells the tale of FCC malfeasance coming to the fore – in not mandating requisite technical remediation of SS7 shortcomings. Today’s Must Read.

‘A panel advising President Bill Clinton raised the alarm back in 1997, saying that SS7 was among America’s networking “crown jewels” and warning that if those crown jewels were “attacked or exploited, [it] could result in a situation that threatened the security and reliability of the telecommunications infrastructure.” By 2001, security researchers argued that risks associated with SS7 were multiplying thanks to “deregulation” and “the Internet and wireless networks.” They were proved right in 2008 when other researchers demonstrated ways that hackers could use flaws in SS7 to pinpoint the location of unsuspecting cell phone users.’ – via Andrea Peterson, writing for both Ars Technica and Project on Government Oversight, tells the sorry tale of SS7

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