Centrify Express® EOL & Alternatives

In October 2018, Centrify® announced the End-of-Life (EOL) for Centrify Express. Now, IT decision-makers at organizations that had been using Centrify Express are looking for alternatives. In this article, we’ll lay out the important details behind Centrify ending support for their line of Express solutions, detailing what the changes mean for customers and when they are going into effect. We’ll also survey the alternatives to find the best options for migrating away from Centrify Express.  

What does the Centrify Express EOL means?

End-of-Life for Centrify Express means that Centrify will no longer support this line of products. Customers of Centrify Express will find the products are no longer licensed and that they no longer receive security updates. Centrify will also cease providing support, troubleshooting, and hotfixes.

The following parts of the Centrify Express portfolio will be impacted:

  • Centrify Express for Mac
  • Centrify Express for Mac Smart Card
  • Centrify Express for SaaS and Mobile

Note that it appears that Centrify Express for Linux will continue to be supported for the time being.

When will the EOL take effect?

The scheduled date for the EOL of Centrify Express is May 1st, 2019. At that time, the changes laid out above will take effect and the products will no longer be supported.

Why is Centrify stopping support for Express?

This decision reflects a long-term, big picture change in strategy. For Centrify, it’s all about making a clear delineation between their Privileged Access Management (PAM) offerings and their Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solutions.

Centrify has created a new spinout organization, called Idaptive®. Idaptive will focus on IDaaS (i.e. web application single sign-on), and curiously have included some Mac management within this company. Centrify will continue to focus on PAM including Linux management. Both companies are owned by Thoma Bravo but they will operate separately.

The short-term impact of this decision adds complexity for their customers. But Centrify is hoping that there are long-term benefits to a more distinct delineation between Centrify and Idaptive. Interestingly, Centrify’s primary competitor Okta is now including Advanced Server Access capabilities similar to SSH key management and (Read more...)

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