Zero Trust Security and BeyondCorp™

Google BeyondCorp Zero Trust SecurityWhat is the relationship between Zero Trust Security and BeyondCorp™? This question is especially pertinent considering the fact that many organizations are looking to take their IT security up to the next level. Read on to find out about how Zero Trust Security and BeyondCorp intersect, and what they can do to bolster your IT security.

A Sharp Departure: Zero Trust and the Domain

In short, Zero Trust Security is a modern approach to IT security. Instead of the perimeter model of security where those on the inside are trusted and everything on the outside is not, Zero Trust Security asserts that everything is untrusted. For example, users, systems, networks, and even IT resources are all untrusted by default. This is much different from the concept of the domain in that once you’ve logged into the domain, you have instant access to your Windows®-based tools. With Zero Trust Security, every connection needs to be verified through a variety of mechanisms in order for it to be trusted. It is a radical departure from how network security has typically been viewed by IT organizations and admins in the past.

How Does Google™ Intersect with Zero Trust?

BeyondCorp is Google™’s model implementation of Zero Trust Security. With their global requirements and intense focus on security, Google realized that their approach to security needed to change and innovate with the times. As a result, Google created the BeyondCorp model, which is employed at brick and mortar Google offices and beyond to anywhere its users are working around the globe. That means users don’t need to authenticate into VPNs to access Active Directory®. IT organizations don’t need to forgo VPNs altogether either; they’re still incredibly useful tools, they just don’t need them to access AD, and by extension, their Windows-based IT resources. But, in order for this all to work, authentication must be done safely and securely, which brings us to the impetus for this change in network security philosophy.

Why Now?

For most IT organizations, the changing IT landscape from on-prem to cloud and from Windows-based solutions to mixed-platform environments (Read more...)

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