Why Use System Management Solutions?

System Management

With so much infrastructure moving to the cloud it seems to many that systems management solutions aren’t relevant anymore. In fact, pundits and analysts are telling organizations that their laptops and desktops are going to turn into Chromebooks, or work will soon be done on smartphones and tablets. Business owners and executives, on the other hand, know that the way that work really gets done in their organizations is through the PCs and macOS® systems their people use. That’s the answer to why use system management solutions.  

The challenge for them, ultimately, is how to secure, control, and operate a fleet of systems efficiently so that their end users are as productive as possible.

The Why of System Management

In short, the why behind the use of system management solutions is quite simple. Organizations want their end users to enjoy frictionless and frustration-free computing to help accomplish their jobs. That means Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® systems that are configured properly for users to do their jobs, performing quickly to now slow them down, and secure to boot. Systems are the gateway to IT resources, so it is imperative that they’re set up properly and securely so your users and data remain safe.  

What IT Admins Expect

Ideally, the process of managing systems can be done remotely, efficiently, and cost effectively. And, for one, that used to be the case in most situations. When the majority of networks were simply Windows-based and on-prem, system management was a breeze. The system management solutions that IT organizations and MSPs could leverage enabled them to make sure their fleet of Windows systems were operating properly. Nowadays though, the simplicity of Windows management tools paired to Windows systems has largely evaporated as new tools have entered the IT landscape.

Changes to the IT Environment

IT environment changes

If you were to take a look around most offices and enterprises today, you would see that a lot has changed since the early days of the Windows-centric network. Mac and Linux devices are now prevalent, so the challenge of finding one solution (Read more...)

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