Why use Active Directory®?

why use active directory

It isn’t a slam dunk for modern IT environments to continue using the leading legacy software solutions. The previous statement is particularly true when it comes to identity and access management, where major changes in the IT infrastructure are having significant downstream consequences. That’s why IT organizations worldwide are all asking the same question, “Why use Active Directory®?”

Active Directory Ruled the Past

Historically, the concept of using Active Directory (AD) made a great deal of sense for the majority of IT organizations. In fact, it was often the default choice for on-prem Windows® networks, which virtually all were. AD and the concept of the domain controller would create an on-prem domain where end users could simply log in to their Windows laptop or desktop and instantly have access to virtually everything that they needed to complete their work. Behind the scenes this was done via the magic of Kerberos and the domain controller itself, and the result for end users was a relatively painless experience. For IT admins, AD and the domain controller provided them with deep control over the network. But, the state of affairs in IT rarely stay static.

AD Struggled When Non-Windows Tools Emerged

AD Struggled When Non-Windows Tools EmergedThe IT networks of old started to change quite rapidly when web applications like Salesforce® and Google Apps™ (now called G Suite™) were introduced. IT environments generally populated by Windows systems were now being filled by Mac® and Linux® machines. Cloud infrastructure from Amazon Web Services® (AWS®) moved colocation and data centers off-prem. These changes, and many more, signaled the shift from a Microsoft-dominated IT infrastructure to one where there were many players and no unifying directory. No longer were users able to log in to their machine and instantly be granted access to all their IT resources, so friction ensued.

For IT admins, the overhead of managing the variety of different types of IT resources began to take its toll. As a result, IT admins started to acquire additional solutions to bolt on to Active Directory in order to accommodate all of (Read more...)

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