Why Shift Away from Microsoft®?

Why Shift Away from Microsoft?With the move to the cloud, macOS®, and web-based applications, some organizations can’t help but wonder, why? Why shift away from Microsoft®?  With Microsoft being the most dominant software company in the world, why would organizations want to use other platforms and solutions? These are great questions that deserve a thoughtful answer.

Considerations for Shifting Away from Microsoft

Shifting away from Microsoft solutions may or may not be the right answer for your organization or clients. It all depends upon the needs and requirements specific to each environment. For example, if your IT organization is heavily invested in on-prem identity management infrastructure and Windows-based resources, then sticking with Microsoft could make sense.

However, if shifting away from Microsoft is the right strategy for you, the good news is that the IT landscape has exploded with a wide range of solutions that aren’t from Microsoft. Many of these platforms have changed the game and are providing tremendous value. So how do you determine whether to use Microsoft or non-Microsoft resources? It depends on a few factors.

Factor 1: Type of Organization

There’s no doubt that if you are part of an industry that is not accepting of cloud infrastructure, new platforms, and web applications, then sticking with a Microsoft-centric approach might be your best bet. Industries such as defense are a great example of this, where compliance requirements are so stringent that Microsoft solutions are often preferred. However, if your organization is in an industry that is highly competitive, looking for innovation, and interested in leveraging the benefits that come with the cloud, non-Microsoft solutions can be advantageous.

Two very popular solutions, for example, that have emerged for high growth, forward-thinking organizations are AWS® and Google’s G Suite™. With G Suite in particular, a Total Economic Impact study revealed that a single employee can save anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours per week thanks to how easy it is to collaborate in the platform (compared against “on-premises email, storage, and communication tools that failed to create an all-encompassing communication and collaboration solution”). Multiply that number (Read more...)

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