The Trust Landscape


The 2019 RSA Conference theme celebrates our successes and urges us to continue improving the security of our digital world.

In last year’s opening keynote I also celebrated our successes with Cybersecurity Silver Linings. I challenged us to double down on those silver linings…to get better. In this year’s opening keynote, co-presenter Niloofar Razi Howe and I told the story of a great future for all of us in the Bio-Digital Era. We talked through the difficulties we overcame (the Trust Crisis) to arrive at this bright new era…this better time and place. Celebrating our successes.

While the keynote took us on a fictional journey, there are many key truths in the story. There are actions we can take now to help bring about our better digital world – our Bio-Digital era where we win with Trust.

Humanity has transitioned through four distinct eras: Agricultural; Industrial; Internet; and Digital.

Each era brought its own flavor of disruptions and organizations have had to adapt to win. During the agricultural era, it was all about quality. Scale became important in the Industrial Era, followed by Speed in the Internet period. The Digital era brought billions of people online with tens of billions of connected devices running on multiple clouds connecting everyone to everything, and Experience is the winning formula. In the not too distant future, we will enter a new era where digital technology will truly be everywhere; even inside us. To win in this brave new world we must have (Read more...)

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