March Madness 2019: Competing To Be The Top GitHub Repository

March madness - who is the top GitHub repository

March. Madness.

The two words which send chills to every sports fan. It’s the month where everyone overthinks and tinkers when filling out their big dance brackets. This is the month where people will spend countless hours watching college basketball and overreading every stat possible to get any kind of small edge when choosing who they think will win.

This could be the month where your younger sister ends up having a better bracket than you because she picked the teams with the “cuter” mascots.

Now how does Github relate to March Madness? One of the most popular features on GitHub is their tracking of the top trending repositories on the platform. Running a top repository in GitHub and getting the recognition from the open source community is hard work. Staying on top is even more difficult, requiring some serious dedication and ingenuity.

Continuing the tradition from last year when we crowned Chinese-independent-developer the winner of WhiteSource March Madness 2018 repository tournament, we decided to go for it again this year.

Spanning the past two weeks, we gathered all the stats for the top repositories for each trending project and now we have crowned a new winner. Similar to the NCAA March Madness tournament, it’s pretty tough to predict who will come out on top every week. On the path to victory, we’re expecting major upsets and we could possibly see an unknown project become the top dog on GitHub.

Week 1

We start our competition with a complete darkhorse top seed. codercom/code-server (4,938 StarGazers) is an open source remote development environment serving Visual Studio Code which allows you Run VS Code on a remote server.

Coming in second was a familiar foe to the open source community, Microsoft’s newly open-sourced Calculator (Read more...)

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