Jenkins X- WhiteSource’s Open Source Project of the Month for March 2019

Continuing our series of innovative and useful open source projects that you should know, we spoke this month with the creators of Jenkins X.

Launched in early March 2018 under the Apache License by Cloudbees, Jenkins X is a free and open source CI/CD tool designed to help ship apps continuously with Kubernetes. It doesn’t even require developers to have Kubernetes expertise. The main difference between Jenkins and Jenkins X is that the latter focuses on automating CI/CD for the cloud.

To accomplish this, Jenkins X uses Jenkins in combination with open source tools, such as Helm, Skaffold, Monocular, Nexus, Docker, KSync, ChartMuseum, and more. It automates the installation, configuration, and upgrades of these open source tools and helps them integrate with CI/CD processes.

Jenkins X also provides developers with feedback on every pull request in the form of a preview before the new code hits staging and production. This capability helps build in reliability and proper authentication early on, and it also prevents last-minute surprises during post-deployment.

This project takes automation to another level as it lets teams release quality and secure software frequently.

According to their creator James Strachan, the idea of Jenkins X came about after he had created Apache Camel and was at Red Hat helping folks in the integration space.

“We were going on our own digital transformation and helping our customers move to the cloud – so I was looking at how to move integration apps based on Apache Camel to containers and Kubernetes,” he tells me, explaining that, “I realized how containers and Kubernetes change so much about CI/CD and so I started finding myself scratching my itch to improve and automate CI/CD for our own uses and those of our customers. That led me (Read more...)

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