Governors Focus on Infrastructure, Offer Technology and Security Priorities

As the nation and the world focused on nuclear talks with North Korea, the testimony of Michael Cohen and a string of new people announcing that they are running for president, several important stories were (sadly) squeezed out of national news headlines and online media coverage.

One of the most important, and under-reported series of stories over the past several weeks has been the coverage of the 2019 National Governors Association (NGA) Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C.   

Why is this important?

Beyond a long list of political themes and candidates jockeying for national power across the country, there are important bread-and-butter issues that impact Americans at home in so many practical ways right now. Amazingly, these local themes tend to be fairly uniform across the county, whether states lean red or blue in elections.

For example, Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan’s new Democratic governor, said this at the 2019 NGA Midyear Meeting, “Governors are focused on infrastructure and closing the skills gap.” 

Whitmer sat next to President Trump at the annual meeting between the president and governors, and she told the president that she was elected primarily on the pledge to “fix the damn roads.”   

Indeed the NGA theme in 2019, which is described in detail in this NGA press release, is infrastructure. Here’s an excerpt: 

“Governors look forward to working with Congress as it develops legislation that enhances our current infrastructure programs, provides states flexibility for augmenting investment with innovative financing tools, streamlines the federal review process in a way that maintains necessary environmental protections and embraces innovative practices and forward-looking technologies. …”

By the end of the gathering, the news was surprisingly upbeat when state leaders went home. The reported: Governors bullish on infrastructure after Trump talks. The article (Read more...)

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