Enhancing API Gateway With Request Throttling to Manage Overconsumption

API traffic is exploding online and across the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform.  APIs are the connective tissue among organizations driving innovative and integrated digital experiences. As these experiences are mission critical for organizations to monetize partnerships, create connections for employees, or enable modern application architectures, they need scale, protection, and governance to be successful.

Akamai’s solution for APIs helps API application owners and developers to overcome complexity, gain control, and address the vulnerabilities that are exposed when designing or building API architectures, whether you’re working to improve API security,  deliver and optimize microservices, scale for peak, or collaborate with partners.

As the number of digital experiences dependent on APIs increase, it becomes critical to ensure APIs are fast, scalable and available. This becomes especially important during peak periods, when the stakes are the highest and poorly performing APIs can lead to downtime, loss of revenue and brand value. Ensuring peak readiness requires an understanding of how APIs will scale under the load. To prepare, organizations need to optimize offload, performance, validation, security and traffic management to efficiently handle spikes in API traffic. Akamai solutions can help API owners get ready by testing performance under load, maximizing availability by accelerating and caching API responses, governing access and preventing attacks to ensure a flawless peak period.

With the 2019 March Release, Akamai’s API Gateway is introducing request throttling to govern API traffic so operations teams can manage peak demand or over-consumption that could affect service availability for API consumers or melt your infrastructure. Throttling is essentially a rate limiting feature to provide users control when it is needed most in order to protect service availability by denying API requests that exceed a defined limit. If a business relationship is on the line, a mission critical service, seasonal peak, or code release, the ability to govern API requests to manage costs and reduce the impact to your infrastructure can save organizations from reputation-damaging downtime.

Akamai’s platform offers scale, protections and governance from the Edge for APIs, and with these new enhancements to the API Gateway, API application owners and developers can take advantage of a robust platform solution that provides a competitive Edge for mission critical APIs.


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