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SBN Top 5 Free Learning Resources for Cyber-Security Beginners [Updated 2019]

Today, the obligation of strong cyber-security measures is self-evident. A large number of cyber-attacks are causing escalating damage to companies, governments, and individuals. Yahoo’s disclosure of a massive breach is still making headlines. Organizations need to respond to this increased threat by adopting strict cyber-security measures.

To overcome this devastating gap in cyber-security skills in fresh graduates, some concrete resources is required to prepare them for the real-life scenarios. There are numerous websites that offer practical based online courses for beginners to develop and enhance one’s cyber-security skills.

Today we are going to list out some well-known online learning resources that offer good courses and material for beginners to learn professionally in reasonable prices.

[Free] Marine Lowlifes Campaign KitMarine Lowlifes Campaign Kit

You don’t need an unlimited budget or dozens of hours to create a truly engaging security awareness campaign. You just need the right resources and a playbook.

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InfoSec Institute:

InfoSec Institute has built a business by offering the best possible training experience for students. It provides the best possible hands-on training, the most practical for today’s demanding workplace requirements that the business would grow by leaps and bounds. Unlike other training companies that have been founded by non-technical business persons, InfoSec Institute deeply understands the needs of today’s IT professionals and is best positioned to offer world class training.

From InfoSec Institute we have selected some free video tutorials that are beneficial for beginners to get some hands on experience.

Introduction to IT Security & Computer Forensics:

This introductory course covers IT Security and goes more in-depth into Computer Forensics. It covers different topics from forensics that include:

  • Anonymity on the Internet Module
  • Anti-forensics with USB Rubber Ducky
  • Forensic Imaging Module
  • Forensic Recovery
  • Forensics with Autopsy
  • Network Analysis
  • Hacking Android
  • Armitage 101
  • Memory Analysis with Volatility
  • (Read more...)

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