To Understand IoT Security: Look to the Clouds

IoT. Everybody is using it — whether they know it or not.

From smart home assistants to smart city parking and from walking robots to flying drones, millions of new devices are placed online every week. This new “Internet of Everything” is growing in breadth, depth and width of new offerings.

And yet, hackers seem to be laughing all the way to the bank.

So where are these trends heading? How can we connect the latest IoT security dots?

To start, check out these recent technology magazine headlines and IoT security report summaries:

Here is an excerpt from the IoT Security report from, which focused on how economics is driving a “race to the bottom” with IoT pricing focused on winning market share.

  1. “Several of the devices we tested were painfully insecure.
  2. A few of the associated smartphone applications that control these devices were terrifying in the extent to which they can access our personal data.
  3. There are a large number of IoT companies and startups, but many appear not to care about security, and neither, apparently, do the retailers who sell these devices to consumers.
  4. There is cause for concern about China’s role in IoT.
  5. Using cloud infrastructure does not mitigate security threats.
  6. Patching will not fix the systemic issues we uncovered.”

Ever feel like you’ve seen (a slightly different version of) this movie before?

I certainly do — and the evolving events remind me a lot of the developments in cloud security — only IoT security seems to be almost a decade behind.

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