TITUS Intelligent Protection is a Cybersecurity Excellence Awards Finalist

Author: Mark Cassetta

Those of you who follow my blog posts know that I’m passionate about machine learning. I truly believe there is extraordinary opportunity for businesses to leverage these powerful capabilities in a number of areas, most importantly, as part of their data protection strategy.

TITUS Intelligent Protection, which we introduced in November, provides some of these critical capabilities. The TITUS team is extremely proud of this solution, so I’m absolutely thrilled to share that TITUS Intelligent Protection has been named a Finalist for the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in the Artificial Intelligence Security category.

As we continue to talk about TITUS Intelligent Protection and machine learning with customers, partners and employees worldwide, we consistently hear positive feedback. We’re humbled and honoured so many people took the time to channel that positive feedback to propel us into the finalist category for these awards.

Machine learning is an ongoing process, but I believe it will have an unparalleled impact on the future of information security and data protection. But I also want to hear from you! How is your organization implementing machine learning? What challenges are you facing and where have you achieved success?

Mark Cassetta, senior vice president of product management and strategy, is responsible for the execution of product strategy at TITUS. His diverse background, including roles in marketing, business development, corporate strategy, applications development and enterprise software, helps to inform his approach.

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