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RSA Conference Clearswift

It’s that time of year when information security professionals from organizations around the globe fly into San Francisco for one of the largest annual Security events – RSA.  The agenda includes keynote presentations from today’s leading security experts, topical workshops, networking events and two Exhibition Halls where leading security solution suppliers are on display.

RSA 2019 is being held in its usual location – the Moscone Centre – from the week commencing Monday 4th March.  Clearswift is exhibiting again this year in the North Hall, Exhibition Booth #4631 and would be delighted to welcome you to the stand.

Why Visit Clearswift at RSA?

Clearswift is renowned globally for its Adaptive Cyber Security and Data Loss Prevention solutions that enable safe and secure collaboration across today’s digital collaboration channels – email, web, Cloud applications and endpoint.  Built into all Clearswift products is a robust deep content inspection engine and unique Adaptive Redaction technology that offer organizations the highest level of advanced threat detection and information security for secure digital collaboration, without hindering communication flow.

Clearswift solutions are recognized on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for DLP, The Forrester Wave for DLP and the Radicati Quadrant and our technology is trusted by some of the largest Defense conglomerates and government organizations around the world – preventing cyber threats and protecting critical information as it flows through their digital communication channels.

In fact, over 70% of Clearswift Customers are critical national infrastructure (CNI) organizations, all of which require the most demanding of cyber security solutions.  Because the development of the Clearswift technology suite is driven by customer needs, the Clearswift team has been able to work closely with these CNI clients to understand their ever-changing business challenges, keep abreast of the evolving threatscape they face as well as legislative changes they need to comply with.  This has subsequently empowered us to develop some of the most advanced and innovative information security technology available on the market today.

See Demonstrations of Clearswift Solutions

Traveling to the RSA event this year are Clearswift Executives and our most senior Product Managers, Pre-Sales Engineers and Sales representatives from the UK and USA who’ll be on hand for Clearswift technology demonstrations and information security knowledge sharing.  If you want to learn more about Clearswift technology or how to enhance your existing information security strategy, here are some of the solutions and key features within our products that we’ll be showcasing in live demo’s:

DevOps Unbound Podcast

Enhancing Information Security in Microsoft Office 365:  see a demonstration of how Clearswift augments Microsoft’s solution with advanced security and data protection features. Enterprise strength advanced threat prevention and sensitive data protection features within the Cloud email platform can be seamlessly added, including internal data loss prevention functionality. The same advanced features can also be seamlessly integrated with G-Suite.

Data Redaction:   see a demonstration of sensitive data such as (PII, PCI, Medical IDs, NIN’s and more) being automatically detected and redacted from email and attachments as well as documents being uploaded to the web.  Clearswift’s Data Redaction occurs ‘on the fly’, so only the sensitive data is removed, allowing the rest of the document or file to be delivered without interrupting the collaboration flow.

Lexical Expression Qualifiers (LEQs):  built into core Clearswift email and web products, LEQ’s can be used as a method to validate ‘true’ information found against an external data source such as a database. By strengthening the ability to match critical information, LEQs enable organizations to further mitigate false positives, ensuring that the data seen is really the data you are looking for.  Ask our team for a demo to see how LEQ’s work.

Structural Sanitization: Structural sanitization mitigates the risk of ransomware and advanced persistent threats (APTs) by automatically removing active code embedded in documents. Remove the code, remove the risk.

Document Sanitization:  Clearswift’s Document Sanitization is built into all email and web products and removes ‘hidden’ information such as metadata data and revision history information to preventing mitigate phishing risks. Metadata includes critical information such as, author names, software version, GPS coordinates and dates which can then be used in a targeted attack. Removal of such information is essential for public-facing documents, such as those found on your Internet site, but is also good practice for all documents leaving the organization through email or being uploaded to Cloud collaboration sites.

Encryption:  Ask our team for a demonstration of the variety of Email Encryption options we have available, including TLS, PGP, S/MIME and how we seamlessly integrate with popular Encryption Portals such as Echoworx and Ciphermail.  We also have encryption options to secure information transfers to removable devices, so should a device be lost or stolen, critical information cannot be accessed.

Images are now a high risk to organizations

Clearswift will be showing a number of new innovative features which combat next-generation data loss risks through images:

Optical Character Recognition (OCR):   OCR is the process of detecting, extracting and analyzing text from an image file, an image embedded within an electronic document, or a scan of a document to determine if there is sensitive information displayed in the image. If found, then Data Loss Prevention (DLP) actions can be taken. For those organization with multi-function printers which can scan to PDF, this functionality is essential to manage the data loss risk of scanned critical information.

Text Redaction in Images:  see a demo of Clearswift detecting sensitive information in images using OCR and then automatically redacting it out. This enables pictures to be shared which previously couldn’t. If your organization regularly collaborates using images or files containing images this feature offers new benefits to your organization sharing information while preventing sensitive data loss.

Anti-Steganography:  the evolution of digital collaboration has also seen an evolution in cyber threats and new ways of sneaking data in and out of an organization. This includes steganography – hiding sensitive data within images – which can then be emailed out or uploaded to the web. Clearswift’s Anti-steganography functionality sanitizes the image file, disrupting any hidden information or malicious code which may have been hidden inside of it, protecting your organization from this newest of threats.

Ask us for a Free RSA Expo Pass!

All Clearswift products and solutions will be available to see in live demonstrations, including our unique, advanced security features outlined above. We’ll also have a variety of other resources on our stand to help you improve your security posture; including Customer Case Studies, technical datasheets, whitepapers and best practice guides available to take away with you. We’ll have some Clearswift giveaways too!

The Clearswift team is delighted to be able to offer a Free Expo Pass to those that are interested in attending RSA this year and visiting the Clearswift Stand.  Just send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll send you the Free Expo Pass Registration Code. 

We look forward to seeing you at RSA 2019!

Our Clearswift Products & Solutions:


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