RSAC 2019 Blog Series: Taking the Risk out of Digital Transformation: RSAC 2019’s Quest for Delivering “Better”

Amid all of the movement, news and excitement during the past year, it is time again for our industry to gather at RSA. The theme of this year’s conference is “Better” which certainly makes sense. Unfortunately, our industry can do “better” as not all of the security news the past year has been positive. The historic amount of coverage that data breaches have produced in 2018 has exposed executives and consumers to the importance of security, like no year before. However, in an attempt to be “better” many organizations have leaned heavily on emerging technologies such as cloud, blockchain and IoT – aka digital transformation.

However, as digital transformation proves “better” for many aspects, it isn’t proving to be better for security. It turns out that enterprise companies diving head-first into digital transformation technologies are leaving their organizations open to unprecedented risk. In our recently launched 2019 Data Threat Report-Global Edition, we found that 97% of enterprises are using sensitive data within digitally transformative technology but, only 30% are encrypting that data. At the same time, enterprise organizations that spend more than 10% of their IT budget on security, 34% say that they have experienced a breach in the past year.

These stunning results underscore the importance of enterprise organizations to encrypt sensitive data as part of their digital transformation strategy as opposed to an afterthought. To simplify encrypting data, and de-risking the loss of sensitive data in newly adopted environments, Thales is announcing new products next week at RSA that make the job of encryption, tokenization, key management and other crypto functions easier for developers to implement by offering flexible APIs.

I am particularly looking forward to the thought leadership and cutting-edge security discussions at the conference. In fact, our very own Thales eSecurity CTO and VP of technology strategy Sol Cates will be speaking. His session, “Kubernetes Deployments: How Not to Get Hacked” will be held on Tuesday, March 5, from 10:20 – 11:00 a.m. Sol will discuss how to keep deployments on Kubernetes safe from hackers.

Another session that I’m looking forward to is Sylvia Acevedo’s, Chief Executive Officer of The Girl Scouts of America, speaking slot. Sylvia will be giving a keynote speech on the future of young women in technology and how the industry can help stir interest in STEM roles.

Reducing Risk and Beating the Hackers

This year, we’ll be featuring several exciting demos in the Thales booth including an industry first. Thales has a patent pending on a framework that delivers encryption with granular access controls, without breaking data reduction efficiency. Pure Storage is the first to implement this solution and will be demonstrating it in our booth. This is a significant breakthrough because we are removing the tradeoff between data storage efficiency and strong data security.

We also will be highlighting multi-cloud security by showcasing how AWS CloudHSM can be a root of trust for the Vormetric Data Security Platform and Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE) capabilities can be used with PaaS services like Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Another demo that I’m personally very excited about is how we are showing the flexibility of our Vormetric Tokenization Server to implement tokenization with dynamic data masking. We will be running our tokenization server in AWS and authenticating to an innovative authentication ring from Motiv to show how a medical center can protect HIPAA-compliant data. Very cool. It is a proof point that our REST API crypto solutions can easily be implemented in traditional as well as ground-breaking environments.

In addition, we have a virtual reality experience lined up that will challenge you to protect an underwater data center. Be sure to come by the booth and see if you can beat the hackers. You will have a chance to win an Oculus Go VR headset.

We hope to see you next week at our RSA booth in the North Expo Hall #6183. For more information on Thales at RSA this year, please visit our website. You can also check back in on the blog, as my colleagues will be writing about RSA-related topics during and after the show.

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