Greenwald’s Bezos’ Protests Invasion of Privacy And Builds A New Surveillance State


Whilst two wrongs do not make the third right, Glenn Greenwald’s superb screed at The Intercept – details the latest outrage perpetrated by the National Enquirer, my go-to-choice for picking up droppings, as it were. In this case the recepient of same is none-other-than Jeffrey Preston Bezos, of which,in a similar vein (so to speak) also happens to bring to public scrutiny the enormous surviellance apparatus Amazon Web Services is building.

Something of a Evil Equation, when both sides of same are nearly equal (hence the term equation…) in their cumulative evilness (arguably a surveillance state is logarithmically to the power of 2 on the evil power gradient a greater threat than a single individuals’ privacy breach). Bottom Line: No one should be subject to the invasion of her/his privacy, nor should anyone be forced to live in a surveillance state managed by any governement, NGO or commercial entity such as Amazon Web Services.

“On Thursday, Bezos published emails in which the Enquirer’s parent company explicitly threatened to publish intimate photographs of Bezos and his mistress, which were apparently exchanged between the two through their iPhones, unless Bezos agreed to a series of demands involving silence about the company’s conduct.” – via the inimitable Glenn Greenwald from his superlative piece at The Intercept

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