Facebookery: The Tell-All App

Looks guilty to me…

Looks guilty to me…

via Sam Schechner, writing at The Wall Street Journal (Warning: Paywall), comes a story of immense Facebookery that serves to reinforce the notion of user distrust from the top to the bottom at the now embattled Social Data Vacuuming firm. I give them (at most) five more years, what’s your wager of the company’s lifespan?

“Under pressure over its data collection, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said last year that the company would create a feature called “Clear History” to allow users to see what data Facebook had collected about them from applications and websites, and to delete it from Facebook. The company says it is still building the technology needed to make the feature possible.” – via Sam Schechner, writing at The Wall Street Journal, in his piece on tell – all apps

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