Comparing JumpCloud vs Active Directory® and Centrify®

Red-robot-comparing JumpCloud vs AD and CentrifyWith all of the latest breakthroughs in technology, it’s important to regularly evaluate if there’s a better way you could be doing something. For IT organizations in particular, this could look like reassessing processes like onboarding or reconsidering tools in use for identity management. For example, many IT admins are already questioning whether or not leveraging Microsoft® Active Directory® and Centrify® is really the best identity management approach considering the increased emphasis on shifting to the cloud and the pervasiveness of heterogeneous environments. There’s a new, modern directory service on the market called JumpCloud® that they’re thinking about using instead. As a result, many are comparing JumpCloud vs Active Directory and Centrify. But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s provide some more context as to why this traditional approach may not be the most effective nowadays.

The IT Landscape AD Was Built to Rule

When Active Directory (AD) was released in 1999, most IT environments were based on-prem and were predominantly using Windows® systems and applications. Active Directory was built with the intention of managing users and systems in this exact type of environment, and AD served its purpose pretty well. So, most organizations readily adopted a Microsoft-centric IT environment and utilized Active Directory to manage it.

Then, in the early 2000’s, the use of macOS® and Linux® systems took off. Microsoft didn’t adapt  AD to support these new systems, so a new generation of tools was created to help, like Centrify. Often these solutions also went by the name of identity bridges. They would leverage Active Directory as the source of truth and then extend AD identities to Mac® and Linux systems. Essentially, these identity bridges were enterprise class solutions that deepened an organization’s identity management infrastructure on-prem.

Why It’s Time to Reconsider Using Active Directory and Centrify

management in the cloudIf Mac and Linux systems were the only change to the IT landscape over the last two decades, using Active Directory and Centrify would have remained an adequate approach to identity management. However, a resurgence in Mac and Linux systems was just the (Read more...)

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