2019 Secure Miami

This past weekend I attended 2019 Secure Miami conference, the third edition of this local cybersecurity conference.  Organized by DigitalEra, and held at FIU, it also tied to BrewMiami, held later that day at FIU.

This was a full day event held in FIU’s Graham Center with key note speakers and panel discussions.  As I’ve been to the prior events, I felt this as good or better then the last one.

On the panel discussions, topics covered included the “Cybersecurity skills gap”, “managing visibility and compliance” and “smart cities”.  The skills gap discussion was interesting, as I know several who struggle to find work and our hiring process in IT/infosec is broken.  Had a good chat with one of the people on the panel about the NICE conference that we had at FIU and learned the next one will be in Phoenix.  The smart cities one got into the matter about IoT security and the like.  We’ll see where that goes.

On the keynotes, they had an interesting one given by a former FBI Agent and his experiences, and another about artificial intelligence.  AI was a topic I had a keen interest in college, but drifted away from, that seems to have become more a topic in infosec.  I need to get back on top of that.

Afterwards many of us headed over to the BrewMiami event and chatted and had fun.  Another great event.  I look forward to next year’s event, as well as other upcoming events in the area:  ISACA South Florida’s WOW event, Infragard South Florida’s next meeting, South Florida ISSA’s Conference and HackMiamiCon.

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