Two-factor Authentication for macOS®

Two-factor Authentication for macOS®Identity security issues are impacting organizations at a clip higher than ever before. As such, it is critical to protect every system and application possible. The real-world solution that many IT organizations turn to to protect systems and applications is multi-factor authentication (MFA, two-factor authentication, or 2FA). Resulting, IT admins are implementing 2FA wherever possible. One tool they’re using to do so is JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service®. With Jumpcloud, IT organizations can mandate two-factor authentication for macOS® systems and more.  

Two-factor Authentication for Applications First, Systems Second

two factor authentication for macOSHistorically, IT organizations leveraged 2FA for applications, as it was much easier for vendors to provide this functionality. So, 2FA for systems has been elusive. When implementation was possible, this particular capability has traditionally been targeted at large enterprises with heavy-weight identity management implementations. As we see so often, large enterprises with the means to spend on technology often have the ability to leverage the best tools. But, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions are shifting that paradigm and enabling those with smaller budgets to utilize critical security tools like 2FA. So, no matter the organization’s size, 2FA for Mac® systems (and other OSes) represents an incredibly important part of securing an organization. Thankfully, JumpCloud is making 2FA attainable for all.

The reason that 2FA is so important at the endpoint level goes like this: systems are the conduit by which users access the network, their applications, and data. Making sure that the system is secure goes a long way to ensuring your company’s valuable data remains with the company and not in the hands of a bad actor. So, while there is a move to have less data stored on individual systems, there is also a move to make it easier to sign in to applications, networks, and servers from the endpoint. The result is that if the endpoint is compromised, no matter where that data is stored, there is a great deal at stake for the organization.

Two-factor Authentication for macOS in Practice

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