SweetAlert2- WhiteSource’s Open Source Project of the Month for January 2019

Continuing our series of innovative and useful open source projects that you should know, we spoke this month with the creator of SweetAlert2.

First released in January 2015 under the MIT license by Limon Monte, SweetAlert2 is an open source responsive, customizable, and accessible (WAI-ARIA) modern replacement for JavaScript’s popup boxes. It has zero dependencies and is customizable and more responsive than JS. The alerts provide a more visual and personal touch for your team of developers.

According to Monte, “SweetAlert2 is the fork of SweetAlert, which I started three years ago because the original one was unmaintained and I was missing a couple of its features.”After the open source community presented their concern for SweetAlert’s lack of being maintained, Limon says that he decided to create SweetAlert2.

Since launching the latest and greatest update in SweetAlert2, the open source community has latched on as seen through popularity on GitHub. “After three years, SweetAlert2 is now twice as popular as the original one,” says Monte, adding that the main reason for is that, “We are maintaining the project and listening to the community.”

Why Take Their Project Open Source?

Like other open source projects, SweetAlert2 has had its challenges on the way but with challenges you learn to love working on. an open source project.

“I realized what is the responsibility of an open source project,” says Monte in discussing his journey of bringing his project life and maintaining it as a viable component for the community to incorporate into their software. When your project is used in tens of thousands of real-life projects, you do not want to bring any bugs or breaking changes to it. Developers who are using SweetAlert2 can be 100% sure that we will not accidentally break something. We are testing in all (Read more...)

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