Serverless Cloud IAM

serverless cloud iam

With more of your IT management solutions shifting to the cloud, you may be be wondering if there is a serverless cloud IAM solution worthy of both your consideration, and ultimately, dollars. For IT admins wondering this specific question, the good news is that a wide range of identity and access management (IAM) platforms exist for, and from, the cloud. Unfortunately, with that wide range of solutions comes a great deal of digging to find the right one to fit your needs and budget. Let’s get into it.

Windows®-based IAM and Questions About the Cloud

identity as a serviceHistorically, identity and access management has been delivered on-prem. Largely, this relates to the fact that the IT network was on-prem and Windows® based. Because of these realities, a Windows-based tool, Microsoft®Active Directory®, ended up dominating the IAM segment over the past two decades. Thanks to Microsoft’s strategic positioning, they were able to control where computing happened. And because of that, Microsoft was able to control identity and access management on those systems.

Now, IT environments are no longer centralized around Windows systems. More and more IT networks are starting to shift to the cloud. With that shift, IT organizations are forced to rethink their approach to IAM and ask questions such as: is an on-prem Active Directory instance, stacked with add-ons such as identity bridges, web application single sign-on (SSO) platforms, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and more, the right approach as we dive headfirst into the cloud era? Is it safe enough to shift identities and host them in the cloud? Can I save time and money changing to a serverless cloud IAM solution? All of these questions, and many more, inhabit the minds of of IT admins when considering a cloud alternative to AD.

Dig No More

If you’ve been on a frustrating search for an identity and access management platform from the cloud, for the cloud, there is a modern approach to the identity provider (IdP) that can sit at the center of an IT organization’s strategy to connect users to their IT resources. Called Directory-as-a-Service (Read more...)

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