SaaS Cloud Directory

SaaS cloud directory

A new generation of IT management solution is drawing interest from forward thinking IT admins. Called a SaaS cloud directory, this modern approach to directory services is replacing antiquated, on-prem approaches to identity and access management (IAM). Let’s take a look at why legacy solutions are no longer up to the task.

Why Traditional IAM Methods are Antiquated

IdP IAM Active Directory (graphic a play on famous evolution image)

Historically, the identity provider (IdP) has been Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD). AD was created in a time when the IT landscape was monopolized by Microsoft solutions like Windows® systems, Office®, Windows File Server®, and many others. Since most IT organizations were utilizing Microsoft products, and AD was built to manage Microsoft IT resources, it makes sense that this setup would go on to dominate most IT environments.

Around the mid 2000’s, though, the IT world started to shift to Mac® and Linux® systems, AWS® cloud servers, web applications such as GitHub, Slack, and Salesforce®, Samba file servers and NAS appliances, and other non-Windows IT resources. All of these new tools were non-Microsoft and cloud-based, so Active Directory began to struggle. IT admins compensated by adding in identity and access management (IAM) solutions such as identity bridges, web application single sign-on (SSO) solutions, privileged identity management platforms, and more. These add-ons made an already complicated IT environment even more convoluted, and they cemented the identity infrastructure on-prem.

IT is Ready to Move On

saas directory servicesIT organizations are tired of the complexity and high-costs associated with trying to adapt legacy IAM solutions to modern IT environments. They are ready for a more streamlined, modern approach, and many are eager for a more complete, SaaS alternative. After all, a SaaS cloud directory service would eliminate the need to build expensive on-prem infrastructure as well as enable IT organizations to just pay for what they use. Additionally, a SaaS cloud directory solution would take on the burden of the management, maintenance, and security that normally comes with an identity provider. Luckily, IT admins who are ready for such a solution don’t have (Read more...)

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