Outage in the Microsoft 365 and Gmail made users unable to log into their accounts

Yesterday, the Microsoft suffered a worldwide issue affecting its various cloud services including Office 365, Azure Portal, Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn, where many users were unable to log into its cloud-based services.

This outage issue was reported around 7.15 in the morning–Sydney time–and is believed to have affected multiple enterprise customers. Microsoft confirmed these problems and said that the network issues in the Azure Active Directory were to be blamed.

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In an update to customers, the Microsoft team said, “that have their authorization cached are unaffected by this issue, and new authentications are succeeded approximately 50 percent of the time.”

They also tweeted that, “Engineers are investigating a Microsoft networking issue impacting customers’ ability to log in to the Azure Portal.”

Downdetector, an outage tracking service, showed a heatmap of the problems, which show that the east coast of Australia, as well as New Zealand, felt the impact.

Microsoft 365, tweeted today, “We’ve identified a third-party network provider issue that is affecting authentication to multiple Microsoft 365 services. We’re moving services to an alternate network provider to resolve the issue.”

To know more about this in detail, visit Microsoft’s official website.

Gmail also suffers from a global outage

Yesterday, Gmail users all around the globe reported a “404” error when they tried accessing the service around 11 am. Google’s service status page listed no issues with Gmail at the time, but users clearly disagree.

According to Outage Report and Down Detector, Gmail was down in nearly all of Europe, parts of North America, South America and Asia.

However, the issue with Gmail should now be resolved, as per a Google spokesperson.

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